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Connecting Zoom

Step 1: Install Pigeon Chrome Extension
Step 2: Go to LinkedIn Chat & open any message
Step 3: Look for hyperlinked words like "meeting", "zoom", "call" in messages
Step 4: Click right mouse on the hyperlinked word and then click on Pigeon Invite from Contextual Menu
Step 5: Sign in with Google
Step 6: Select Zoom as a meeting platform.

Zoom Selected

Important: Once selected, you need to allow Pigeon to access your Zoom profile in order to create a unique video conference link for every meeting.

When a new meeting is scheduled with Pigeon, a Zoom video conference link is automatically created and added to the meeting details, calendar and email notifications.


Note that if your Zoom links are not generated it's because the Zoom API has a daily rate limit of 100 requests per day. Therefore, only 100 meetings can be created within a 24-hour window for a user.

Uninstalling Pigeon app

1: Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
2: Click Manage> Installed Apps or search for the Pigeon app
3: Click Pigeon app
4: Click Unistall