Frequently Asked Questions

Why as a host I am not getting notifications about the booked meetings?

- Pigeon currently works with Google Calendar only. By default Google Calendar sends notifications to guests only but reminders to hosts & guests both.

How many guests can I add to my meetings?

- When you book a meeting via Pigeon Chrome Extension, it allows you to add up to 10 guests in a single meeting. But you must be informed that meeting platforms may have restrictions on participation counts based account type i.e. free or paid.

Google Meet & Zoom, both allow up to 100 participants in a single meeting for free account users.

I don't see a pricing page on Pigeon, is it free?

We released Pigeon a few weeks ago and are trying to work with our early users to optimize services.

We are working on our subscription plans. Till the time, we don't announce fees precisely, Pigeon is free for use but with limited access.

Why am I unable to create new events?

If you are using Pigeon as a free member, you are allowed to create one active event at a time.

If you need to create another event, you will have to deactivate the last active event.