Knowledge Base Getting Started with Pigeon

Getting Started with Pigeon

To use Pigeon Chrome Extension

Step 1: Install Pigeon Chrome Extension
Step 2: Go to LinkedIn Chat & open any message
Step 3: Look for hyperlinked words like "meeting", "zoom", "call" in messages
Step 4: Click right mouse on the hyperlinked word and then click on Pigeon Invite from Contextual Menu
Step 5: Sign in with Google
Step 6: Select a meeting platform i.e. Google Meet or Zoom (You may need to sign in & allow Pigeon to access your account from selected platform)

Pigeon Extension

Step 7: Enter event name
Step 8: Add or delete guests email addresses
Step 9: Select date & time
Step 10: Click "Send invite"

To use Pigeon Link/Scheduling URL

Step 1: Sign in with Google at
Step 2: Click "Pigeon Link" in your Dashboard and create a personalized scheduling URL.

Pigeon Link

Step 3: Create your Schedules i.e. your availability on certain days and save it.

Pigeon Schedule

Step 4: Create Events for users to book your time slots.

Pigeon Event

Step 5: Share event URLs with your audience.

Pigeon Share